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From the heart of Chicago, Adrian Piekos,  with the stage name “Adeous” grew up as a natural performer at heart.


Music ran through his blood and it’s been a passion from his family that grew over decades. His mother, a professional singer, “MaggieD” smashed the ranks in Europe amongst their records top 100 hits and consecutively lead the #1 ranked position for back-to-back years.


This along with an extensive family line who all had their own journeys through music inspired Adeous to grow his passion for music. From the age of 5, Adeous began his musical journey as a drummer. Adeous excelled extremely fast in his talents and hit his first big stage at 12 where he played in front of thousands, spent time being interviewed on live TV, and was listed in news channels across Chicago. Adeous did not stop there and he decided to expand his musical knowledge and experience by learning to DJ at 16. To no surprise, Adeous was a natural. Due to the experience in music through drumming Adeous learned his way to being a DJ in only 2 weeks’ time.


Adeous played across multiple venues in Chicago and shared the stage with big names from Europe like Popek, Long & Junior, and Stachursky. The explosive energy, happiness, and heart that Adeous brings from his music are the moments that leave people with a long-lasting memory of him.



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